Poaching, Simmering, Boiling – your guide to hot liquids.

Many the recipe for simple foods as well as complex has listed “bring to a boil, then simmer” or something similar. But what exactly do these mean?


How to Make Brussels Sprouts That Aren’t Disgusting

I had always heard that brussels sprouts are nasty. From basically, well, everyone. Friends, cookbooks and TV — and TV never lies, right? Surely they can’t be THAT bad, right?

Shocking News: Nutella is Not Health Food.

Just when I thought I’d heard it all in terms of ridiculous lawsuits, I read about this California mother who is suing Nutella because it isn’t healthy. What the heck? Is this really what we have come to? Who on earth thought that Nutella was health food to begin with, anyway?

Food Friday: Italian Sausage Soup

It’s been a slow week around these parts, but as promised, here’s some food for your Friday! Super easy, minimal effort, one pot soup with lots of flavor. I based it off of Olive Garden’s recipe for their Italian Sausage soup, but mine was pretty darned tasty. The only differences are minor, such as I […]

I Am Terrified of the Tooth Fairy

I loved pulling out loose teeth as a child. Loved. To the point where it creeped my mom out. I wiggled and twisted until they cracked, wedged my nail under the edge to sever nerves… Yeah.  Pretty gross. Now that Rowan, my eldest child, has his first loose tooth, I’ve been thinking a lot about […]

My Body, My Choice… On a Whole New Level

I have been married for seven years. I have two children. I have a boy and a girl. We are about to get out of the military for good. That means we lose health insurance. I’d like to donate eggs in the future. I would abort if I were to get pregnant at this time. […]