The Picture Guide to Car Seat Safety

I’ve written a ton about car seat safety. Many people do. This device is the only device you absolutely have to buy for a baby or your child can die. You can rig random things to function as child-proofing at home or pick up things from a garage sale, but when it comes to your […]

Guest Post: Jesus Would Be a Gentle Parent

I am incredibly happy to bring to you guys a guest post from Modern Alternative Mama‘s own Kate! We’ll have our own guest post on her blog soon, so go follow her blog so you don’t miss anything from us as well. ___________________________________________ Now, I say that because I am a mom who is both […]

I Am Terrified of the Tooth Fairy

I loved pulling out loose teeth as a child. Loved. To the point where it creeped my mom out. I wiggled and twisted until they cracked, wedged my nail under the edge to sever nerves… Yeah.  Pretty gross. Now that Rowan, my eldest child, has his first loose tooth, I’ve been thinking a lot about […]

My Body, My Choice… On a Whole New Level

I have been married for seven years. I have two children. I have a boy and a girl. We are about to get out of the military for good. That means we lose health insurance. I’d like to donate eggs in the future. I would abort if I were to get pregnant at this time. […]

Kid’s Behavioral Problems – Your Fault?

Everyone has times with their child when they want to shake them and yell, “Why won’t you listen to me?!”  Well, maybe not shake them, but knock a little sense into them.  Time after time, there’s the “STAY OFF the arm of the couch – how many times have I told you?!” and the “Caps […]

Wooden toys make kids smarter… right?

“They have to use their actual imagination!” “They don’t contain hazardous chemicals!” “They don’t have broken pieces and dangerous parts!” “They last much longer!” I’ve heard all of these claims and then some and have even read forums where women scoff at anyone who buys anything BUT a wooden or felt toy for their child. […]