“That would NEVER happen to me!” The Danger of the Parenting Blame Game

I’m sure you’ve read a news story about a mom failing to protect their child somehow and either read a comment that says (or even thought to yourself), “How could she let that happen? Why wasn’t she watching her child?” But even seasoned mothers and non-parents like to blame parents or babysitters for things like this. Why?


How I Was Breastfeeding ‘Booby Trapped’ and Almost Quit

Breastfeeding is a complex issue. On one hand, it’s what our bodies are made to do, and our babies come out designed to make it work. However, there are so many nuances, potential issues, and even just basic understand of how it works versus how you think it’s going to work that it’s much harder […]

32 Things More Obscene Than Breastfeeding In Public

Today I saw a grandpa babywearing his grandson! A beautiful sight to see in public especially since said grandpa seemed to be in great physical health. No one said to him, “Hey Grandpa, how dare you bond with your grandchild like that!” Not one person gave him a dirty look or said, “Take it to […]

The Picture Guide to Car Seat Safety

I’ve written a ton about car seat safety. Many people do. This device is the only device you absolutely have to buy for a baby or your child can die. You can rig random things to function as child-proofing at home or pick up things from a garage sale, but when it comes to your […]

Nestle Dupes Moms, Kills Babies in Indonesia

Employees dressed up in doctor’s coats or nurse uniforms telling moms formula is healthiest for their babies and handing out free cans…

Babies getting diarrhea and dying or getting incredibly ill from contaminated water mixed with their formula…

Guest Post: Jesus Would Be a Gentle Parent

I am the Christian mom – who goes to church and prays with my children and teaches them about Jesus – and I wear them, co-sleep with them, breastfeed them, don’t vaccinate them, etc.  People at the church are always giving me sideways looks like, how can you be a Christian and parent like that?!

I Am Terrified of the Tooth Fairy

I loved pulling out loose teeth as a child. Loved. To the point where it creeped my mom out. I wiggled and twisted until they cracked, wedged my nail under the edge to sever nerves… Yeah.  Pretty gross. Now that Rowan, my eldest child, has his first loose tooth, I’ve been thinking a lot about […]

My Body, My Choice… On a Whole New Level

I have been married for seven years. I have two children. I have a boy and a girl. We are about to get out of the military for good. That means we lose health insurance. I’d like to donate eggs in the future. I would abort if I were to get pregnant at this time. […]